Friday, October 4, 2013


   No Greater Love, International (NGLI) was birthed from a summer mission’s trip in 2007. A small team left Minnesota empty-handed and returned with 11.8 acres of land and a vision for Sierra Leone. Dr. Richard Shaka and wife Dr. Farella Shaka, native Sierra Leoneans, have led the charge to establish these initiatives. Teams from America unite with teams from Sierra Leone to bring the Kindom of God to West Africa, according to the Lord's will.

Our Mission
   Out of the place of prayer flows justice and righteousness for the nations. That is why our primary calling is to pray and raise up intercessors from the nation of Sierra Leone. All of our efforts fall under this umbrella.    
    The mission of NGLI is to holistically reach underprivileged, defenseless, and impoverished children and youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullest spiritual and social forms. We do this though our three-fold objective of community development, establishing youth centers, and building children's homes.

   Our motto is "Save All."
    We are just a few short steps away from launching the first children's home in Bo! Thanks to generous contributors, the summer team was able to accomplish a great amount while on the grounds in July 2010. The home has been prepared, each room furnished with bunk beds, dressers, desks, and chairs. The house is clean and the walls are painted. The paperwork has been submitted and we now only await final approval from City Council. 

Continue to pray for God's favor so we can expedite the salvation for His angels before they lose hope.  Because, after all, HOPE and PRAYERS are what help these children of God.  Your donations speak volumes by continuing to provide that spirit of HOPE in their lives and hearts.  Please donate by using the tools on our site.  Every penny counts.

We thank you and so do the children.  God Bless.